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The Ashlar Company is the fraternal supply company and hub of masonic resources that is preferred by the most brethren all around the globe. Legendary customer service, affordable prices to accomodate every brother, a jobs program for those in financial need and everything you have come to expect from the only shop that is owned and operated exclusively by members of the Masonic Family. When you do business with The Ashlar Company, you can rest assured you are dealing with an organization backed by over 300 years of tradition. Located in sunny Southern California, The Ashlar Company can get a package anywhere in the country within 3 days using USPS priority shipping. If you need something overnighted, please call us for assistance. Customer Favorites These are the most common destinations in our store. If you are not looking for something in particular, start browsing with these categories. Aprons Artwork Badges Emblems Pins Rings Moving to Generation 5 We are in the process of upgrading to our 5th generation online website. The new store offers easier product browsing both on your phone and desktop and more extensive customization options for a number of products. We are keeping our 4th generation store (this one) online through the holiday because we understand that many people may have sent links for products they want. Check out our new store at Store Departments <b>Home</b> Home Accoutrements Accoutrements Aprons Aprons Artwork Artwork Badges Badges Belts Belts Bookmarks Bookmarks Buckles Buckles Coins Coins Cufflinks Cufflinks Emblems Emblems Findings Findings Flags Flags Gavels Gavels Gloves Gloves Keychains Keychains Money Clips Money Clips Patches Patches Pendants Pendants Pens Pens Pins Pins Postcards Postcards Rings Rings Sculptures Sculptures Stamps Stamps Stickers Stickers Supply Supply Tie Clips Tie Clips Ties Ties Wallets Wallets Watches Watches Masonic Resources Etiquette Etiquette Lost & Found Lost & Found News News Symbols Symbols General Masonic Regalia Product Information Anyone can buy masonic regalia, in fact, many non-masons purchase such items to give as gifts to friends or family members who are bonafide members. However, if you are not a member, you should refrain from purchasing items here for yourself. Representing yourself as a member of an organization to which you do not belong can cause numerous problems, both legal and otherwise. Some states even go as far as to pass laws imposing minor penalties on anyone making a fraudulent membership claim. If you are not a mason and have interest in the fraternity, we instead recommend contacting your local grand lodge, a list of which is provided here. We also have a page about becoming a Freemason which will answer some common questions and help you decide if it is something right for you. If you recently became a member, it should be noted that in most jurisdications, only Master Masons are entitled to wearing items bearing a square and compass. Although we do have rings and other items that display a square and compass in a variety of ways, they are all intended for Master Masons only. Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts. If you are uncertain about this, or believe your jurisdication may be different, it is always best to simply check with another lodge member or your respective grand lodge, both of whom would be able to give you more specific information about this. Testimonials
“It is the second time that I have ordered from this company . And I must say their work is remarkable! I just received my custom ring today and I absolutely love it! I highly recommend this company for masonic items.
Bro. Wilson
St. John's #115 F&AM, PA” Brother Herman C Wilson Jr, Philadelphia, PA
“Recently ordered gloves from The Ashlar Company. The quality is excellent, delivery was without a problem. They sent me a email with tracking number, the gloves came one day ahead of scheduled delivery. And they don't sell IFAMM/ CLANDESTINE products. I highly recommend them.” Brother Walter Zelaya, Middle Island, NY “Brother,

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to express my gratitude to you but I have been dealing with some medical issues. I truly appreciate what you are doing.


Bo” Brother Bo, Jasper, GA
“Brother Mike,
My ring arrived today and I am very pleased. At the complete package The craftsmanship and detail is superior. The fit and feel is great. The shine is beautiful.

Thank You and your staff.
Fraternally, Michael” Brother Michael, San Francisco, CA
“Dear Brothers,
I received the watch amd it was beautiful.

Fraternal yours

Darayush” Brother Darayush, Quebec, Canada
“Sure did!

You actually wrote me yesterday as well, I must have contacted you 2 times. But I did receive the Beautiful very Unique ring.

To my surprise IT CAME AMAZING FAST!! 2 days from time of ship. Across the cost Also. I will be back fore sure.

My father notice the ring and LOVED it, so i think i will be doing some Christmas Shopping from your site.

Excellent service!

The products you offer and the quality are amazing.

Thank you Brother and will be ordering again soon. ” Brother James, Ridgeland, NC
“Hi Mike, got my ring day before yesterday. Beautiful is all I can say. Thanks so much. Better than I thought.” Brother Joe, Joppa, MD “Brother Mike,

I received my ring today. It is absolutely beautiful, and is well worth the slight delay I had in receiving it. Thank you so much! I will wear it proudly, and tell all brothers who ask, what an upright quality company you are. Thank you again.


Michael” Brother Michael, Lawrenceville, GA
“I received the package I ordered. I was very please with the quality of your merchandise. I look forward to making a another purchase.
Thanks.” Brother Angel, Montgomery, AL
“I received my ring today. It looks amazing and fits perfectly! Feel free to add that to any testimonials you may post on your website. :)

It was great working with you, and I'll definitely recommend your company to my lodge!” Brother RJ, Lombard, IL
“I received my ring today! The transfer from USA to SA was a long process. Thank you for advising an international courier service rather than the regular postal services or I might still have been waiting :)

I would just like to thank you and the team at the Ashar Company for your absolute dedication to perfection. May I ask if the symbols etc on my ring were lazer cut? The detail is so intricate and fine.The quality is higher than I had expected. It truly is a work of art. And I shall wear it always, with pride.

Best Wishes” Brother John, South Africa
“We just received the order. We are so very happy with this ring. It is PERFECT, a beautiful ring. Thank you so very much and we will be sure to let everyone know that ordering from your company is a very good decision based on your quality and care.
Brenda” Mrs Brenda S., Douglas, AZ

I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for the rapid shipping and delivery of my order, but also for the high quality product.... then symbols pen I purchased for my boss was exquisite and the craftsmanship was very impressive.

When I presented the pen to my boss this morning - his eyes lit up like a little boy, and no sooner than he was able to say thank you to me, he was dashing around the office showing the pen off to his lodge brothers who also work at our company.

Thank you again for the wonderful product and quick shipping! ” Mrs Katrina, Dallas, PA
“Good day Brethren .
Please allow me to say thank you for the outstanding workmanship and quality of my ring. I will wear this ring with pride.

Thank you for all your assistance thus far and I look forward to placing my next order with you.” Brother Anthony, Johannesburg, South Africa
“Brother Mike,

I was notified of shipment of my ring on Friday, March 6th received it on Monday, March 9th. Great shipping service!

My order was for the Blue Lodge ring, model (359176) in 14k Yellow Gold with a solid back and blue stone. Basically a simple, classic, timeless style. I must say I am extremely satisfied with it. The quality and color is beautiful. The masonic symbol on the stone is detailed and very striking. I dare say it is a delight to look at, and with which to display my Masonic pride.

Order was placed on a Sunday, so counting as you could do nothing until Monday, that made delivery to my door in exactly 5 weeks. Very happy!

Thanks for all your follow through, and creating one very happy customer make that 'repeat customer'!

Al” Brother Al, Sarasota, FL

Yes It did and in UN believable time! It was in my mail Box 2 days after it was marked shipped. Great SERVICE!! Great SITE!! AND even better owned and run by GREAT MEN!

You have a fan for life of your site.

Also I just wanna say The ring Was MUCH more than i expected, My expectations were surpassed when i saw it, Its beautiful.

Fit Like a Glove! Iv had a smile on my Face since I got it. My Father saw it, and loved it! So I think i know 1 item he will be getting for Christmas.

Cant wait to make another Purchase. I think the next order will be the Desk clock.

Thank you Brother(s) For your Outstanding Service and Quality.

James ” Brother James, Ridgeland, NC
I received my ring yesterday.
It is just as you promised and maybe more.
The detail and look is absolutely stunning!
Already received many compliments.
Thank you” Brother Steve, Naples, FL
“Dear Sirs

Many thanks for my order No. ###### which arrived today.
Very impressed with the service and goods, looking forward to my next order.

Kindest regards
Terry” Brother Terry, Orpington, England
“The package arrived in the mail, Thank you Bro. Mike, the ring is beautiful and truly a work of art.” Brother John, San Jose, CA “the ring turned up yesterday. I cannot say how impressed I am with it. I don't have the words that can describe how happy I am with it.

thanks so much for your assistance.” Brother Simon, London, England
“Today I picked up the ring. Fabulous piece! Thanks a lot!!!!!” Brother Alex, Romania
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Tradition, Integrity, Trust.
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