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Lodge Cards

We've created a new lineup of postcards designed exclusively for use in your lodge. The first series has four styles - Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Come Back To Lodge & Widows Helpers. The first two are self explanatory as they are simple cards with a space for the brethren to sign. The Come Back To Lodge card is designed to be sent to brethren who have not come to lodge in a while to let them know they are missed. The Widows Helpers cards have a place for the brethren to write their names and phone numbers so widows have someone to call when they are in need. View Category 3/11/2015

Mini Stickers

Our new mini square & compass are small enough to go on anything. From credit cards to keys to luggage tags and more the possibilities are endless. View Item 2/20/2015

Clothing Department is Online

The new clothing department is now online. Choose from over a thousand articles of clothing to be embroidered with your choice of symbols. If you don't see the symbol you want, just email us and we will get it for you. Click here for more 10/1/2014

New Network Online

After months of testing the new network is online. The New Ashlar Company has merged all of our masonic resources and product offerings into a single web ring hub. All of our products are now divided into different departments to make it easier to browse a particular product category. Browsing the network should be faster than ever! We've adopted a new caching system that gives you instantaneous access to our thousands of products without having to wait for database queries. New checkout options give you the ability to use visa, master card, amex, discover, pay pal, pay by mail or pay by phone.
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